What are my next steps to use GoParkit?

It’s a straightforward process to assess and implement GoParkit and costs are low.

The following are the suggested steps:

  1. Arrange a short initial demonstration on-line. Just send us your email and we will set up the demonstration session and call. Tell us if you have 5 minutes or 50 and we will not keep you any longer.
  2. Send us your parking zones or streets as a GIS file and include parking rates and time periods. Our data management team can advise on the data requirements. Based on our expertise in GIS, CAD, parking and transportation data, we can assess and then process the data. This data tells GoParkit what to charge where, and when.
  3. Send us your logo and other content to customize your GoParkit website and apps.
  4. No capital investment costs. A modest configuration fee and a very modest margin per transaction is the basis of our pricing model – but we work with you to get a solution that is a win-win for parking authorities, for vehicle owners, and for us (so we can continue to deliver and improve our solution on a long term basis).
  5. Be up and running within days – on-street, permitting or other.

We look to hearing from you.


How does GoParkit play a role in reducing traffic congestion?

GoParkit helps reduce congestion by providing more efficient parking and parking information. Studies of cruising for parking in congested towns and cities have found that it took between 3.5 and 14 min to find a curb space, and that between 8 and 74 per cent of the traffic was cruising for parking .
GoParkit plans for the future with dynamic parking pricing possible – providing a tool to deal with congestion and encourage alternative parking locations. Change pricing (up or down) to reflect and guide demand, with users being informed in advance.


What are the cost and business benefits of GoParkit?

There are many but include the following:

  • GoParkit facilitates the removal of parking related street furniture including expensive parking meters, and signs for parking bay numbers or codes.
  • Parking enforcement can be made much more efficient.
  • GoParkit allows for parking promotions – for particular shopping streets, for off-peak times or holiday periods, for particular users e.g. tourists or shoppers.
  • GoParkit provides commercial opportunities for geo-fenced promotions, for example targeted advertising based on location, duration, and parking pattern. Examples include nearby take away coffee promotions for short stay parkers, or department store offers for the longer stay. Parking history can provide a guide as to whether a user is a regular business related parker for example, or a new tourist shopper.


Does GoParkit provide valuable data on parking?

GoParkit provides real time information on parking demand and parking durations. View the pins drop on your central system as vehicles’ park.

You can use the data on a realtime basis or over time to analyse patterns and as a tool in delivery of parking services and traffic movements that work.

We also have the skills to manage and analyse that data in conjunction with other data e.g. on traffic, transportation modes, demographics, to create added value information in digestible formats.


Does GoParkit help enforcement?

GoParkit includes a mobile app for on-street parking officers. Makes for highly efficient assessment of valid and invalid parking.

GoParkit can supports identification of hotspots of parking payment infringements and so more targeted and less costly enforcement.


What about GoParkit and residential permits or campus passes?

GoParkit allows resident, campus, and company parking through purchase of annual, semester, or visitor passes – which are essentially long-duration parking tickets. Users can be validated against resident, student, employee, or other databases.