GoParkIt – PayByApp (Full) from GoParkit on Vimeo.

What services do you provide for drivers? provides a smartphone app that allows you pay for parking in an extremely simple way, and without cash. Just park, open the app, one click to park, indicate required duration, and go.?

What if I am stuck in a meeting or have just met the boy/girl of my dreams?

Don’t leave! Just open the app and extend the parking duration. Romance saved. Business deal done!

How do I pay for parking?

You top-up your account using your credit card and then those funds are available for you to use for parking. Topping up is easy and can be done on our website or via the app.

Do you provide maps too?

The app comes with interactive maps that show you your location and the neighbouring area. Use the maps to help you plan your time away from your vehicle, or how to get back to it.

Can you tell me my parking history?

If you wish you can access your parking history, such as location and duration and cost. This is useful for claiming expenses or planning household budgets.

Will the app tell me the remaining time on my ticket?

Yes you can check the remaining time on your app by going to the ‘parking tickets’ section. You will also get a reminder alert 10 minutes before expiry.

What happens if I overstay my ticket?

You are subject to violation fees as per local authority rules

I have a new car – how do I change my car information on the app?

Go to your profile, click ‘active car’, then add new car details here.

Can the app help me find my car?

Just click on the car symbol on the top right of your screen.