GoParkit solves permitting across Dublin local authorities

county-hall-dlrccThe GoParkit platform has proven to be a huge success for local authorities across the Dublin city area.

In Dun Laoghaire Rathdown we facilitate the application for and efficient processing of residential and visitor permits for about 3,000 resident drivers – with the vast majority of applications coming through in one step, and the remainder availing of the phone and email support that helps the applicants through every step. Drivers can use the virtual permits or print out at home if they prefer that for peace of mind.

The success and benefits to residents and to the Council in Dun Laoghaire encouraged South Dublin County Council to adopt the platform too. GoParkit now facilitates applications and again, the efficient review and processing of these by the Council.

What next? Watch this space. We will soon increase users and permits tenfold with new local authorities in Dublin.