GoParkit shortlisted for 2015 eirSpiders awards

The-Spiders-Logo-Shortlisted-(white-back)2015 (3)GoParkit are delighted to have been shortlisted for the 2015 eirSPIDERS awards, Digital Geography and Location-Based Services category.

Established in 1996, the eir Spiders are now in their 20th year making them the longest standing and most prestigious internet awards in Ireland. They reward Irish businesses and community organisations for their creativity and innovation and provide an important opportunity to recognise and showcase online excellence. The eir Spider awards are considered an important benchmark for distinction and excellence in web-based business strategies.

The Digital Geography and Location-Based Services category recognises websites and mobile apps that make effective use of geography. Use of digital mapping and location-based services enhance the experience of any website or app. Maps relate information found online to the real world. Judges will be looking for websites and apps that make effective use of digital maps to convey business, social or environmental information in an engaging, informative and innovative manner.

The GoParkit platform was shortlisted as a natural fit to the Digital Geography and Location-Based Services category. GoParkit provide location based parking payments enabling drivers to pay for parking using their smart phone. Using GIS technology the phones gps recognizes the parker’s location and corresponding rates and rule sets. Added convenience for the parker includes the ability to extend their parking session if delayed, the abilityto walk and park as well as not requiring change for pay and display. GoParkit also provide digital permitting and advanced location based data analytics to cities and operators enabling future planning.

We all have our fingers crossed here at HQ!!