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Create your own parking rules.

Clearways, rollover times, game days …

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Reduce costs

Get rid of street furniture & cash.

Cut down on maintenance costs.

Lower enforcement expense.

Promote retail

Offer parking promos for shopping areas, off-peak times.

Monetize tickets with geo-fenced ads.

Target adverts based on parking habits.

Big data analytics

Start mining your parking data.

Use analytics to reveal trends and parking patterns.

A rich data stream to take your parking to the next level.

Got jams?

Use pricing strategies to redirect traffic.

Reduce congestion with more efficient parking.

Keep drivers informed in real time.


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Very easy to use.

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Real time data

List occupancy & tickets by street.

Search by registration or map area.

See live list of tickets for map area.

Plate recognition

Let the camera do the work.

Take plate numbers in one click.

RFID extendible.

Tough customers?

Detect infringements hotspots.

Assess and change policies accordingly.

Issue fines.


Exact location-tagged data.

Better recording & reporting.


Positive parking presence.

Public info sources.

Enforcement plus liaison for residents & visitors.